“We Do Not Die Alone” is a book of accounts shared by nurses who witnessed their patients’ death bed ‘visions’. These stories are amazing: humorous, touching, poignant, inspiring and thought provoking. Have you ever wondered what it is like in your final days, hours before death? Most of these patients experienced familiar “people” who came to them to help bring peace and acceptance—to help them cross over. Dr. Mendoza presents her research in a very engaging way. The accounts come from a survey conducted among various nursing professionals in Louisiana and Maryland. Respondents worked in hospices, hospitals, nursing conferences, nursing homes and home health facilities. Her book was written for nurses, but the message is really for all of us, of any religious or non-religious background. Life and death are a mystery, but there is no need to fear death. We do not die alone. This is a great gift for anyone who has a loved one in hospice care, or for someone who could not be there when their loved one died. I loved this book so much I already bought three because I keep thinking of people to give it to. In spite of the subject matter, it is an upper. This would make a wonderful book for lively book club discussion. -Paul S.

I am grateful to Dr. Mendoza for the tenacity with which she approached this project and the enormously helpful result. In my practice, in teaching someone to cope with their own imminent death or the death of a loved one, the question of what happens after we die is always tantamount. … In this book, the reader has a chance to practice in a gentle way what they themselves will eventually experience. The have a chance to sit quietly with another person’s experience of what is on the other side, without judgment or anxiety, just sitting gently and observing while a door is softly opened enough to see the light on the other side. For a moment the veil is lifted for all of us to see. This can be remarkably healing. I have given this book to my family members and recommended it to other therapists and my patients. After someone reads this book, I can see a subtle shift, as if there is something there now that was not there before. There is a calming or reassurance, a relaxing into, and almost always a lessening of fear. I will continue to use this book as a reference book in my library and in my work with patients. It is my profound wish that this book brings you the same peace and serenity. -Marcia G. Beard Ph.D.


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“This is a must read! Dr. Mendoza’s delivery of “true-life” accounts from health care people is very compassionate and soothing. For such a tragic subject, the book left me feeling enlightened and comforted beyond belief!” -Sandy Jones